Hello everyone,

My name is Kelliann and I am a 24 year old food loving, fitness obsessed, california beach girl who loves some adventure and a good margarita!  As much as I love all types of foods, my goal is to keep my temple of a body healthy and feeling alive, which is why I started this blog Sitting Healthy!

Once I graduated college I found myself so lost in the real world and finding it hard to balance my time between work and social events while keeping the healthy lifestyle I have always known.  Sitting Healthy was created, because I found myself going from working out and being active all day in college to sitting behind a desk for 8 hours in a cube with no real taste of the outside world, until I was on my lunch break (which a lot of people didn’t even leave their desks for!!!! I know bat-shit crazy thinking, but its true) My goal and passion is to try and bring a healthy lifestyle and fun creative recipes to people in the midst of this crazy real world we all live in.

Hope you all enjoy.

Kelliann 🙂