Lemons the Magical Water Enhancement


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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Lemons, natures pure flavor enhancement for both food and water, creating a fresher tasting dish or beverage with a simple squeeze.  I have always loved cooking with lemons, simply because it brings such a vibrant and fresh flavor to foods, but recently I have began adding them more and more to my water.

First off you can’t talk lemon water without understanding the importance of keeping your body hydrated.  I cannot emphasize this enough!!  But unfortunately with all this other sugary beverage crap we have circulating around, people find water to taste “too boring” now and therefore they bypass the cup of water for a can of soda or other artificial sweeten drinks.  Well this has to STOPPPPPP

Let’s get one thing clear, you DO NOT just drink water to quench your thirst.  Water has so many more benefits to the inside and outside of your body that people need to become aware of.  Everyday Health has a simple yet great outline for these benefits in your body.  It helps protect your tissues, keeps your skin hydrated, aids in digestion and helping to remove waste on top of a bountiful of other benefits.  So to say water is “too boring” is just ridiculous, because the amount of activity that water does in your body is far from boring.

So, now that you have read the article on the health benefits of water, put down the soda and learn to flavor your water with natural flavors aka LEMONS, yayyyyyy 🙂

Lemons have amazing health benefits as well.  They are a great source of Vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system and keep your body in check, especially during that cold/flu season.  They also help to improve your digestion.  Drinking water with lemon helps flush out unwanted materials in your body and keep you on a regular track when it comes to bathroom trips (and yes I am talking the big potty bathroom trips, which helps create a flat belly).  And I mean come on, how do you not love that little extra vibrant color floating around in there, it just screams summer and happiness.

So drink up and keep that temple of a body of yours hydrated and feeling and looking good.




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