Crunchy Coffee Peanut Butter Granola

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Granola, one of the biggest misconstrued “healthy” foods that have a lot of people fooled over.  I used to eat granola by the bowls full, spoonful after spoonful, never wondering what made this tasty treat so delicious.  Then one day I decided to look on the back and was astounded by the amounts of added high-fructose corn syrup I was actually spooning into my body!!  Not to mention the hydrogenated oils that were just making my heart stop by reading.  Nobody likes to find out that one of their favorite breakfast foods is actually not a “healthy” way to start your morning.  Once I informed myself of the dark side that granola can be, I decided to start trying out new recipes and cutting back on the added sugars and nasty oils and making healthier versions with organic ingredients that each contributed their own individual health benefits, also ingredients I could pronounce!

I came across this recipe through my cousin and after reading through the ingredients I thought to myself I have to make this right now, no time to wait!  Anything that involves granola and coffee, count me in!  This recipe I got from The Fit Fork Feed is such a creative way to incorporate healthy ingredients while making a granola that taste like a peanut butter espresso chocolate cookie.  I cant even being to tell you how delicious this granola is, and every ingredient is easy to pronounce and has amazing health benefits to be added.i suggest everyone who loves a crunchy granola and also is a caffeine lover give this recipe a try and taste for themselves!

Fork Cheers,





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